Catching Up….

Whew, it’s February already? We have been terrible at keeping up in the blogging community this year! We hope all are friends are pawsome and having lots of fun!

Sunny has grown into a happy and very active dog over the past year. He enjoys seeking out new adventures and is always up for a game of bumpers, watching the birds and squirrels in the yard…

DBN15_ Sunny on patrol

or you don’t have a bumper handy a stick will do…DBN15_joy

Sunny is a good traveler and loves to explore new places. His recent adventures include hiking in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains and camping / hiking in the Alabama Hills.

The boys enjoy sunrise in the Alabama Hills, California….

DBN15_mountain morning

  And posing for pics at the Mobius Arch…

DBN15_Sunny at mobius arch

And nothing beats a good nap after all the exploring. Sunny’s favorite place to curl up is in the producer’s chair in the studio..  DBN15_snug

Sunny: 1 Year Old!

Guess what? I turned 1 year old on July 7th…whoo hoo! My mom says I look like a big dog now but I still act like a puppy:) Let me tell you about my birthday party, it was so much fun!! Ready? Let’s go!!!

DBN14_1yrold Sunny

I got up REALLY early so I could patrol the yard for marauding squirrels and the sneaky cat who pops in our yard. My peeps have abother name for that cat but I’m not allowed to say that word!

DBN14_curious pup

Once the perimeter was secured, we loaded up the car and drove out to Prado training grounds so I could “Go Fetch!!” all day. It was pawsome!!!

My dad and I checking out the lines for me to run…


 Then I got to “Go Fetch!” I got bumpers on land…


On land and back through the pond…


And my favorite, IN  THE POND!!!


I LOVE the pond!!! It feels so good to go swimming when it’s hot out too. My peeps said I was a “Lean, not very clean (the pond mud is stinky), retrieving machine!”


When we got home I got to pick my very own Menchie’s frozen yogurt…I picked vanilla. (They were both vanilla: Michelle:)


It was delicious!!! My peeps had to give me a “break” a couple of times so I didn’t get a brain freeze. I had so much fun on my birthday, I hpe you had fun reading about it too!- xoxo Sunny



Sunny : 10 weeks to 6 months

Hope everyone has a GReat weekend! Here’s a smile to kick it off. A little project I’ve been working on…Sunny : the first 6 months.

Training Day

We have been making the long drive out to the Prado Dog Training Facility in Chino Hills, California on the , Sunny can train to get his AKC Junior Hunt Test. With over 500 acres of fields and ponds, it’s a retriever paradise.

Sunny loves to practice his water entry…


…and lands them with a big splash!


The boys check their line for a marked retrieve… DBN14_marking_

..Sunny on the retrieve….


and another…


Sunny always has a GReat time training and comes home one dirty, tired pup!


Sunny Saturday #23-”Full On Sunny”

I’m back! Hi, it’s me, Sunny and I am feeling so much better after my “rock incident”. My tummy feels a lot better now that the vet tool it out! I got my staples out this week and the doctor said I am clear for more shenanigans…whoo hoo!! Let’s get busy!


 A guy’s got to keep an eye on those pesky squirrels. Here I am patrolling the yard. No squirrels are stealing peaches on my watch…

DBN14_tail   We have been having a big heatwave here in Los Angeles and I got a Ruffwear swamp cooler vest so I can still play bumpers without overheating. We still have to play early in the morning or late in the evening to beat the really bad heat.DBN14_bumper

I love getting bumpers!

evening bumpers

 This is how hot it was here…this bottle melted in the car. Please remember never to leave your pup in the car, even for a minute in the summer. We don’t want any melted pups!


I made a video of getting bumpers for you, I hope you like it!! – xoxo Sunny puppy


Sunny Saturday #22-”Rockhead”

Sunny had a GReat week this week-I’m starting to see things we’ve been working hard on in our training really click for him. We’ve enjoyed a little break from the heat this week to get some hiking in and we spent a lot of time in the yard. Sunny is learning to watch us garden instead of actively “digging helping”.

Sunny Bunny

Sunny loves to train with bumpers. He will retriever them or find them when we hide them in the yard. It’s really fun to see how happy he gets to find them.


The grass that has survived, is a cool place to hang out after a good bumper session…froggy style.


We had a bad turn today when Sunny woke up vomiting. It got serious when he refused food-he turned his nose up at chicken, which he loves. We ended up in emergency tonight (because there is an unwritten law that all dog emergencies happen between 6pm Friday and 8am Monday;) to find that somehow Mr. Sunny Bunny had decided it was a good idea to eat a rock. A fair sized one at that.


So now I am sitting here worrying about Sunny, who is staying the night at the emergency vets so they can monitor him. They are hoping he can pass the rock on his own but if not, he will have to have surgery. I really hope he doesn’t have to. It’s always so hard when your fur-kids are ailing-that feeling of helplessness. This is the first time he’s been away from us and I really miss him. It’s going to be a long night until they x-ray him again in the morning, to see if the rock has passed into his large intestine.

I’m still trying to figure out when he managed to swallow the rock-I never let him our of my sight because he is not trustworthy with the plants and lawn in the yard just yet. It just takes a second and he is a very fast dog.

All this makes me think of a conversation I had with a young woman last week, who was admiring Sunny because he was “so cute” and that she wanted a Golden puppy because “they look like teddy bears”. I have had this conversation more than a few times while doing pet therapy with Spencer. It involves a discussion of the great things about dogs/Goldens, but also pointing out the things that often are not considered before getting a dog. Things such as- Goldens are very active, large dogs and if they don’t get enough exercise and stimulation (especially as pups and teenagers) they can be shall we say, “more than a handful”. In large urban cities, it can be difficult to find ways to get enough exercise for a Golden. A walk around the neighborhood is merely a warm up for a young hunting dog.

The other major consideration is cost. In large centers, like Los Angeles, a basic vet visit starts at $50 and its not uncommon to be $70 or $80. Blood work starts at $150 for a basic panel and goes to $250 for a full panel. Sunny’s visit to emergency so far has cost $1960 and if he needs surgery that will grow to $5000. I have seen many dogs in the LA area given up to shelters because of medical costs. So this is something that needs to be seriously considered when adding a pet to the family.

After going through 3 cases of cancer, we knew about the costs and set aside a savings account for Sunny, long before he came into our lives. I am now also considering getting insurance for him as well, as an extra precaution. If anyone has any recommendations I’d love to hear them.


Sunny Saturday #21-”Super Sonic Sunny”

Sunny here to let you in on how I am spending my time, now that I am in something my mom calls “The Terrible Teens”. I have SO MUCH ENERGY!!! I love to run and play and train. One of my favorite things to do is retrieve bumpers-I LOVE to find them!! It doesn’t matter where those bumpers are, I will find them for you and bring them back….

In a tree? No problem! I’ll get that bumper for you!!!


In the garden? Found it. I like to pounce on bumpers!! Sorry I squished the onions.


One of my other favorite things is hiking, it’s pawsome!! I LOVE to explore. There are so many scents to follow in the mountains and at the top it’s nice and cool. I get yummy snacks at the top too-I’m getting all drooly thinking about those yummy snacks now.

DBN14_happy hiker

I get the zooms and run laps around the yard, it’s like an obstacle course maneuvering through the trees and garden. Oh, yeah, I love to dig too-sometimes in the garden, but don’t mention that to my peeps OK?


Sometimes my mom sets up my tunnel and chute and I practice what she calls agility moves…I just call it zooming through the tunnel. Sometimes I get excited and jump over it- you’re not supposed to do that, but I can’t help it, it’s so much fun!


We got a new tent and I checked it out-it’s like a big agility tunnel with it’s 2 doors! Our old tent got a small hole in it….I wouldn’t know anything at all about that…..

DBN14_lets camp

Oh yeah, I am SUPER HAPPY I found out this week that I was accepted into the Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study!! Did you know that over half of all Goldens get cancer? You can help too! If you are a Golden (in the US) over 6 months and know some of your peditree :) , you can apply to be part of the study. Please help us pee on cancer until it withers away!


Sunny Saturday #20-”Catching Up”

Spring has sprung! Well, here in Los Angeles it has- it actually almost feels like summer. We’re sending some Sunshine to our friends in colder places!

Where have we been? Working like crazy and then- a quick road trip out to Joshua Tree National Park. This was Sunny’s first camping trip-we thought we’d try one not too far from home before embarking on further camps. I’m happy to report Sunny did GReat on his first camping excursion.

The boys pose in front of the infamous trees and some amazing granite rock formations the park is  known for…

DBN14_JT wander

We spent 3 days and 2 nights in the park. Sunny loved to check out all the sights. Unfortunately, as with all National Parks, dogs are limited to within 100 feet of roads and camp sites (no trails:(), so we were somewhat limited to our exploring. ( Side note: This park get VERY hot from April through the summer, making it NOT dog-friendly during that time.) We had lovely cool weather-with one calm cold evening and one very windy and cold evening. Sunny was cozy, snuggled up in his fleece blankets for the night.

The boys enjoyed the morning views from Key’s Point….

DBN14_JT morning

Back at home, Sunny continues to grow in leaps and bounds. He’s finally catching up to his long, gangly legs! He loves to retrieve…anything, sticks, bumpers, frisbees, stuffies….

the hunter

Sunny has made some friends in the neighborhood. Here he is with a neighbor, Duke. Stereo squirrel patrol…

DBN14_Sunny and Duke

Always curious, Sunny examines some humming birds hovering above the fountain…

DBN14_curious Sunny

We hope everyone is keeping well and send lots of Sunshine your way!

DBN14_smiley sunny