The Dog’s Breakfast

dogs breakfastI am Spencer the studio dog and welcome to my blog. The world has gone to the dogs…literally, hee, hee. I hope to regale you with tails of my adventures in Los Angeles and possibly elsewhere once I get the hang of typing. Paws are a little big for the keyboard (note to self, develop dog keyboard, make millions, by acres of land to chase squirrels on.) I came into the Golden Retriever Club of Los Angeles Rescue in September 2006 and was promptly fostered. My foster parents couldn’t give me up so they adopted me and now I live the good life in sunny LA. I work at Grind Music + Sound. My job is to look cute and get lots of pets, which I am good at. I have mind control over humans…”I am cute, pet me, you can not resist!” …works everytime. Anyway, I hope to post some interesting photos and maybe some insights into a dog’s life over the next year.