Evening Activities.

This evening I was all ready for my evening walk but the humans were taking a very long time getting ready. I waited patiently, ready to go as soon as they were done whatever it was they were doing, that took so long.


Finally we were on our way. I like to stop and smell some of the trees and flowers. That way I can tell who’s already been by on their walk today.


There’s a cat we pass every night who lies in front of its house and watches me walk by. Tonight I thought I’d stop and say hello but she turned into a BAD KITTY! So I left her alone, I know what that arched back and hissing means…I have a scar on my nose to prove it too.


Everything was great until I stepped on a piece of glass because some numbskull smashed a bottle on the street. It was a pretty big  shard and the humans had to take it out for me. They got it out and cleaned it all up and now my paw is as good as new. I think I might have to get some shoes for my walks.


After my walk I was very happy, despite the sliver…even happier than usual, maybe it was the paw massage…and I relaxed on the lawn after a good game of ball. Ahhh, it’s a dog’s life.


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  1. Hey Spencer, great to catch up with you at last ! Phew.
    We’re really proud of your PAT dog work – well done you!
    We’re really sorry we havent been to see you much – the grown ups have been doing boring old stuff instead of helping me catch up on my blog buddies – TSK!!
    Hope you gave those BAD WORMS a nasty stare. I find that works with most of those garden creepies.
    Wish I could come with you for some of that frozen yog, but very sorry to hear about the glass in your paw. Really hope it’s feeling much better now.
    Why are some people so SILLY ??

  2. Hi Spence!
    We’re really impressed by how well you sat still while the humans removed the shard of glass from your paw!

    We would have wiggled and yelped!

  3. Ouchy on the paw, dude!!! Glad you got that fixed up in a hurry. I have a scratch on my nose from a cat attack too! Taught me a few things, I’ll say.


  4. Hi Spencer, Sorry about the sliver – hope you are all better now. Congratulations on your day at the hospital too, am sure you made a lot of people happy.

    Good Nite!
    Bala, Shankar, Amy, Nikko and Spencer.

  5. Spencer, I told Bobby about what happened and he said “Whannh!” He and I both want you to feel better soon. I think they should get you some specially made athletic shoes for you to wear. Sorry you were hurt and glad your parents knew what to do to make you feel better. Give them a big lick. The reason the cat arches her back and hisses is because she is afraid of you. That’s too bad because you could be friends. Take care.

  6. Hi, Spencer.
    I felt bad when I read about your paw. I hope its ok now! I have to be careful too because here you can find broken glass in almost every street!
    Mean cats!! Glad you stayed away from her!
    Have a good night

  7. aww..I hope your paw feels better now..

    that’s a mean looking cat! snarling like that…

    to think you’re only bein friendly…


  8. Oh Spencer, sounds like you had a rough day… swearing cats, broken glass…

    Up until the paw massage bit, at that point I stopped feling sorry for you!

    Snogs from the dogs

    Kerrio & co

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