Foster Updates!

Coming up on the end of the year and we have a couple of foster updates….

Kobe is doing great in his new home and adores his human brother. His quirky antics have his family completely smitten with Kobe, whom we had the opportunity to visit with last week. Of course Kobe is just as loveable as ever. His ears are all cleared up and his fur is just beautiful. Kobe came by to give us some smiles and we are so grateful for him to have found his forever home and a family who loves him so much.

OS12_an old friend

A few of you may remember 3 years ago we fostered the gorgeous Sky….

Here he is now at the age of 6.

This handsome lad is now known as  Murphy. He is one lucky pup, with a home on each coast and he enjoys traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to New York with his family, who love him very much. Murphy was given up to rescue because he had epilepsy, and we’re happy to report with his family’s love and care he has come a long way and now will go months without a seizure.

It’s so awesome getting reports on our foster pups. We are so thankful  to their families for recognizing these dog’s true spirits and giving them the loving homes they all deserve.



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  1. Murphy is doing great–though this Christmas he’s staying with my Aunt and Uncle who are house-sitting for us while we spend two weeks in Argentina. Make no mistake though, Murphy will spend NEXT christmas in NYC again! And yes, we are happy to report that his seizures are few and very far between. The two things that we always tell people is adopt a rescue and be sure to get Pet insurance!

    Michael and Steve

  2. How awesome! I think I would always want to hear about former fosters – I’d be so attached to them.


    • Thanks Sam, it is one of the great things of fostering when you get updates. We love hearing about our former fosters and how great their lives are now.

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