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oscar & franky

Oscar & Franky waiting for the mail boat. Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand

This year has been a year of big change for us. We took a break from fostering to focus on our work and to travel. I really contemplated whether or not to continue blogging, and decided to take a hiatus  instead of quitting altogether. Sometimes just stepping away from things for a bit can give you a whole new perspective.

Traveling can refresh the soul in ways that nothing else can. One of our big adventures this year, was to spend a month circumnavigating New Zealand’s south island in a campervan. Freedom. No phone, no internet, no responsibilities and fresh adventure everyday. Waking up on a beach next to sea lions battling for territory, hiking through fields of sheep to rugged cliffs on the end of the island, camped at the base of Mount Sefton to watch the morning drama of her summit’s micro climate, wandering through thick rain forest to the mountain tops, exploring the majestic sounds, finding scores of baby seal pups frolicking in a waterfall in the forest, marvels in every breathe. The beauty of nature is the best healing power in the world.

We’re still dogless for the time-being but that will change eventually. In the meantime, I am living in the moment, just as I learned from my dogs…enjoying the beauty that surrounds us and finding peace in it.

The dogs above are Oscar (Golden) & Franky (Lab), they live in the Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand. Three times a week they meet the mail boat that delivers mail and supplies to the remote residents of this region. Like all the dogs on the route, they know mailman Matt will deliver them each a big cookie along with the mail. We were lucky enough to accompany Matt on his rounds this day and the site of Oscar and Franky standing on the dock waiting for our arrival made us all laugh. Oscar takes his job very seriously and waits patiently for the boat to pull up so he can give Matt the empty mailbag in exchange for the full one.

I’ll be posting other photos of our New Zealand adventures over at my photo blog.

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  1. It’s nice to see you blogging again! Your trip sounds like it was an amazing adventure – and a good hiatus can be a wonderful thing. I would have loved to see Oscar and Franky in action – I’m sure that is a pleasant sight to see everyday.

    • Thank for dropping by Elizabeth…nice to see you too! Oscar & Franky were super cute, and we didn’t expect that, so it was even better:)

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