Sunny Saturday #10-”King Of The Mountain”

“Hi, my name is Sunny and I’m here to tell you how pawsome my week was!!!

I started my second training class this week and I am learning some new activities. Soon I am going to be something called a “Canine Good Citizen”. I was such a Good Boy this week, that I got to go on a REALLY LONG WALK for something called Thanksgiving. Ready, I’m going to tell you all about the REALLY LONG WALK!!!

DBN13_hello my name is sunny

“We started walking and kept walking through a canyon. It had water in the middle and I splashed through it. It was So Much FUN!! After we walked out of the canyon, we took a small break to see where we were going. See that mountain on the right, we’re going all the way up there. My human dad said it was a REALLY LONG WALK. I LOVE walks so I was happy to go for such a big walk! Let’s GO!!!”


“We walked and walked and walked until we got to the top. It took a very long time but I got to smell all kinds of really nice scents while we walked. When I got a little tired, my humans gave me some food….that was So Yummy! I also had my own little water dish when I got thirsty and LOTS of snacks. I was very excited to look out over the mountains when we got to the top!!!”

DBN13_the summit

“There were mountains everywhere!!!”

DBN13_the view

“After we had a special Thanksgiving picnic at the top, we started to walk and walk and walk all the way back down again!”


“I started to get a little tired so I took a break to play with a stick. It was a very nice stick!!”


“I had to stop playing with the stick because we still had to walk and walk and walk a LONG WAY, and my humans said it was going to be dark soon.”

DBN13_losing light

“We walked along some cliffs and I was very careful to be a Good Boy but someone wasn’t so good here. After this picture, my human mom lost her camera. Luckily she found it (It fell out of her pocket, down the side of the mountain) and she was safely able to get it back, but by that time it was DARK! It was a good thing we had lights to wear on to finish our really long walk.”

DBN13_along the edge

“I slept all the way home and I was so tired, my human dad had to carry me into the house. Our really long walk was SO MUCH FUN that I thought about it all the next day!!”


“I hope everyone got to have such a nice Thanksgiving!!”-Sunny

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  1. Hey Little Man- what an adventure you and the peeps had !!! The fellas and I live vicariously through you – only one of us can hike that far now.
    -Happy Holidays

    • Hi Ben-glad you and the boys enjoy our hikes-I could barely finish this last one:) Happy Holidays to you too!-Sunny

  2. How fun! I love your little logo in the corner of the pictures – was that always there and I am just noticing it?

    Monty and Harlow

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