Sunny Saturday #8-”The Great Outdoors”

Sunny made a full recovery from last week’s bug and bounced back with twice as much energy. He’s growing  so quickly and turning into a very athletic dog. He’s built to run: big barrel chest with a slighter back end. To channel some of his energy, we though this week was a good time to introduce Sunny to the great outdoors with his first hike in the mountains and his first trip to the beach. I’ll let Sunny tell you about his adventures…

“Hi, Hi, Hi!!! Sunny here! We walked up and down these big rocks for a long time. There were birds and lizards and lots of people stopped to pet me. I got tired after a while so we had a rest. I drank some water and had a snack (I LOVE snacks!!) and then I was ready to finish our hike. I like hiking!!”

DBN13_1st hike

“We went to this awesome place called a beach!!! Wow, there was so much water and this thing called sand. The water was really loud! I sat with my human dad for a bit and we watched some other dogs playing in the water.”


“I wanted to play in the water too so my humans walked me in something called the surf. I didn’t mind getting wet at all and did you know sticks FLOAT in water?!!! They are so much fun to chase.”


“I played and played and played in the water, it was SO MUCH FUN!! My humans told me one day I will learn to swim and the water will be even better. Can you believe that?!!”


“I played until the day got dark and then I rolled a lot in the sand. I was so covered in sand I had to have a bath before I got in the car. I had a great day at the beach and I slept all the way home!”


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  1. Love your new logo or avatar of Dog By Nature…to me that has Sunny all in it :) soooo cute!!!!

  2. Oh wow what a fun Saturday you all had! Sunny looks so great and so happy with his big adventure. I can just see him soaking up every little thing. He really is growing so fast and yes all legs for sure. Hugs to you all from all of us :-)

  3. Awww – he’s in that gangly teenage dog stage. I love it. How lucky he is to have such great adventures!

    Monty and Harlow

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