Sunny Saturday #9-”Adventure”

This past week was full of adventure for Sunny, who loves to explore. Here’s Sunny to tell you all about it….

“Hi, Hi, Hi, I’m Sunny and I had so much FUN this week!!!

“First I had to do some “sit-stay” stuff in front of the black box (I don’t really like the black box-sometimes I tell it that too, but it always comes back!) “

DBN13_classic sunny

“Once all that stuff was done we got to have so much FUN at the beach! I LOVE the beach!! I found a really big stick to play with to0!”


“I also had to go to work at the studio. It’s a good place to catch up on my sleep so I can go on more adventures.”

DBN13_studio nap

“My humans were happy about something called rain-I tried to catch it but it was tricky. After the rain we went up into the mountains.

I have my own water bottle and I got some yummy snacks too!”

DBN13_rest stop

“On another walk we went to Griffith Park and I followed horse tracks all the way up the trail. They smell AWESOME!”

 DBN13_tracking horses

“When we got to the top of the trail we could see all the way over to the other mountains we hiked in a few days before. And then some horses ran past us-they were SO BIG! I wonder if they would let me run with them? That would be so much FUN!!!”

DBN13_sunny king of LA

“One day we went to walk around a place I went once before. There are LOTS of people there and I get lots of attention, but I don’t mind. I say “Hi, Hi, Hi!” to everyone. There was a REALLY BIG TREE at that place!”

DBN13_xmas tree

“I hope everyone has so much FUN this weekend!”-Sunny

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  1. Oh wow another fun filled Saturday for you little man! We love hearing about all the fun you have and can’t decide if it is the beach or the trails that are more fun. We can only imagine the excitement of seeing those big horses. Love, love that big Christmas tree all decorated….soooo pretty! Thanks so much for all the great shots and sharing your fun day with us….lots of love and hugs,
    Barbara & the gang

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