Sunny Saturday #12-”Echo Mountain”

Sunny is growing like a weed and has energy to spare! We took a hike up Echo Mountain to see if we could tire him out for a little while…

Echo Mountain is a neat historic place in the local (San Gabriel) Los Angeles  Mountains. From 1893-1936  approximately 3 million people took a rail car ride up the mountain to a resort. Today there are only ruins where the original hotel  and observatory stood, but it’s a fun hike and a nice place for a picnic.

DBN13_echo mtn1

The boys look down on the LA basin. On a clear day you can see out to Catalina Island, but unfortunately we has some haze as the marine layer hadn’t burnt off yet.DBN13_echo mtn2

Echo Mountain faces a canyon that…echos.  The echo phone amplifies sounds through the local mountain range…DBN13_echo mtn4

The hike has some steep exposures but Sunny didn’t mind the heights…DBN13_echo mtn6

Post hike nap…DBN13_echo mtn7

Transferred to the sofa…DBN13_ultimate napper