Sunny Saturday #13-”Happy Pawlidays”


With Sunny around, it’s the equivalent to having another full-time job! He is one energized puppy: he keeps going, and going , and going. Between (trying) to work and taking care of Sunny, I failed at getting out Holiday cards this year. Not to mention, getting Sunny to sit still long enough to take a proper Christmas photo was impossible:) In the end, I thought the above pic was rather perfect in summing up our holiday photo session. We all wish everyone the best of the season and a happy 2014!

Here’s a few outtakes with Sunny’s thought on the whole ordeal to add some merry to your season…

“Hi, Hi, Hi!!! This is where I sat and they took so loooong to give me the treat! Drop it already!”

DBN13_santas little helper

“Excuse me, there are no presents for me under this tree!”

DBN13_waiting for santa

“You’ve got to be kidding me with this, right?! There better be extra cookies for this one!”

DBN13_not amused

“After all that hard work a pup likes to relax by the fire! I hope Santa Paws brings you all lots of treats!!!”-Sunny


8 thoughts

  1. I have that khollar with the bells – of khourse, most of my bells have fallen off – and a few are attached via twist ties ;-)

    I love your daily khollar – very nice!

    Happy HOWLiday!

    GReat job keeping the humans busy fur we know how much trouble they get in to without something to do!


  2. The antler photo had me laughing so hard that I was snorking. Something about the expression on Sunnys face and those ears……it just tickles my funny bone something fierce. I have a feeling it will be a looooong time before the puppy crazies taper off with Sunny. My Maddie is 2 years old and she is still an energizer bunny.

    • Yep, Sunny was not amused with the antlers:) Maddie and Sunny need to get together to burn off some zoomies sometime.

  3. Hey! oh my what great photos! Sunny looks (to me) like Raja as a pup. What fun to have a baby in the house again. You guys are such an inspiration. When I return from road tripping going to embark on a Northwest Territories Rescue/Foster here in BC…have a great holiday season…xo

    • Thanks Cowgirl! Sunny does look a like Raja quite a bit-I think it’s a red thing:) He’s fun but holy moly, a ton of energy:) Looking forward to hearing about your foster
      adventures-I have family with NWT rescue pups-great org. Have a wonderful holiday season yourself!

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