Sunny Saturday #14-”Natural Born Swimmer”

For Christmas Sunny got a big dog agility tunnel (he outgrew his little Ikea kids tunnel he used as a puppy-which was amusing to watch him try and get through it but not very productive:) and swimming lessons. He had his first lesson yesterday-here’s Sunny to tell you all about his aquatic adventure:

“Hi, Hi, HI!! I went to this fun place with a big puddle and they let me play in it! I had So MUCH FUN!! At first I didn’t like the big red jacket they put on me, but once they started throwing toys-I didn’t mind it at all. I really liked the blue toy and wagged my tail in the water whenever I got it!”DBN13_swim3

“Another game of GO GET IT! “

DBN13_got it

“Did you know I have webbed feet like a duck? It lets me swim really fast. Pawsome!!!”


“After all that swimming I went into zoomie mode. I LOVE to zoom!!! Look I found a paper that blew off the table. So much FUN!”


“After all that swimming and zooming I got a little bit tired and took a break. Something about that made my mom very happy.”


We wish you all a Pawsome New Year fulled of puppy nibbles and treats!!!

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