Sunny Saturday #19-”Digger Dog”

We’re doing some yard renovations and Sunny oversaw and sometimes helped out. Here’s Sunny to tell you all about it…

“Hi! I’m Sunny and I LOVE to dig, I mean help! My people are landscaping the yard and I helped to dig up the hedges…and then I kept digging and digging after the hedges were gone. I dug a hole so big, I could hide in it!”

DBN14_dig “With the hedges gone, I had to be on guard for invaders…especially sneaky squirrels. No one passes when Sunny is on patrol!”

DBN14_on guard“After all that digging, I went swimming. My mom calls me a lean, keen, retrieving  machine. I’m hoping with all the digging in the yard, they might dig a pool for me-that would be pawsome!”

DBN14_retrieving machine

“After swimming I went back on duty patrolling the yard. There were a pair of  doves waiting for me to go to sleep in the warm sun.”DBN14_profile2

“I did get a little sleepy after all that digging and swimming…must…. stay….. awake…”DBN14_thoughtful

“I’ll just put my head down for a minute….”

DBN14_tired puppySunny fell asleep and the doves had a bath in the fountain:)

6 thoughts

  1. He is really turning into a long legged teenager dog… BOL – Harlow falls asleep on duty too!

    Monty and Harlow

  2. ‘They’ always say Siberians are diggers BUT I’ve seen some pretty awesome khraters khreated by woo GR’s too!

    GReat job Sunny!


  3. Sunny, mom really enjoyed seeing your warm, sunny adventures. I am loving our 2 feet of snow, but her not so much. Have a happy Sunday, and keep an eye out for those squirrels.


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