Sunny Saturday #20-”Catching Up”

Spring has sprung! Well, here in Los Angeles it has- it actually almost feels like summer. We’re sending some Sunshine to our friends in colder places!

Where have we been? Working like crazy and then- a quick road trip out to Joshua Tree National Park. This was Sunny’s first camping trip-we thought we’d try one not too far from home before embarking on further camps. I’m happy to report Sunny did GReat on his first camping excursion.

The boys pose in front of the infamous trees and some amazing granite rock formations the park is  known for…

DBN14_JT wander

We spent 3 days and 2 nights in the park. Sunny loved to check out all the sights. Unfortunately, as with all National Parks, dogs are limited to within 100 feet of roads and camp sites (no trails:(), so we were somewhat limited to our exploring. ( Side note: This park get VERY hot from April through the summer, making it NOT dog-friendly during that time.) We had lovely cool weather-with one calm cold evening and one very windy and cold evening. Sunny was cozy, snuggled up in his fleece blankets for the night.

The boys enjoyed the morning views from Key’s Point….

DBN14_JT morning

Back at home, Sunny continues to grow in leaps and bounds. He’s finally catching up to his long, gangly legs! He loves to retrieve…anything, sticks, bumpers, frisbees, stuffies….

the hunter

Sunny has made some friends in the neighborhood. Here he is with a neighbor, Duke. Stereo squirrel patrol…

DBN14_Sunny and Duke

Always curious, Sunny examines some humming birds hovering above the fountain…

DBN14_curious Sunny

We hope everyone is keeping well and send lots of Sunshine your way!

DBN14_smiley sunny


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  1. Sunny is growing into such a handsome fellow. Love all the pics but the one of him standing on the wall looking down is my favorite. This wonderful weather is going to spoil us all!

    • Thanks Taria! Sunny’s only 51lbs yet, so he has quite a bit more growing to do too:) The weather has been lovely, but I miss what little of winter we normally have.

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