Sunny Saturday #21-”Super Sonic Sunny”

Sunny here to let you in on how I am spending my time, now that I am in something my mom calls “The Terrible Teens”. I have SO MUCH ENERGY!!! I love to run and play and train. One of my favorite things to do is retrieve bumpers-I LOVE to find them!! It doesn’t matter where those bumpers are, I will find them for you and bring them back….

In a tree? No problem! I’ll get that bumper for you!!!


In the garden? Found it. I like to pounce on bumpers!! Sorry I squished the onions.


One of my other favorite things is hiking, it’s pawsome!! I LOVE to explore. There are so many scents to follow in the mountains and at the top it’s nice and cool. I get yummy snacks at the top too-I’m getting all drooly thinking about those yummy snacks now.

DBN14_happy hiker

I get the zooms and run laps around the yard, it’s like an obstacle course maneuvering through the trees and garden. Oh, yeah, I love to dig too-sometimes in the garden, but don’t mention that to my peeps OK?


Sometimes my mom sets up my tunnel and chute and I practice what she calls agility moves…I just call it zooming through the tunnel. Sometimes I get excited and jump over it- you’re not supposed to do that, but I can’t help it, it’s so much fun!


We got a new tent and I checked it out-it’s like a big agility tunnel with it’s 2 doors! Our old tent got a small hole in it….I wouldn’t know anything at all about that…..

DBN14_lets camp

Oh yeah, I am SUPER HAPPY I found out this week that I was accepted into the Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study!! Did you know that over half of all Goldens get cancer? You can help too! If you are a Golden (in the US) over 6 months and know some of your peditree :) , you can apply to be part of the study. Please help us pee on cancer until it withers away!