Sunny Saturday #23-”Full On Sunny”

I’m back! Hi, it’s me, Sunny and I am feeling so much better after my “rock incident”. My tummy feels a lot better now that the vet tool it out! I got my staples out this week and the doctor said I am clear for more shenanigans…whoo hoo!! Let’s get busy!


 A guy’s got to keep an eye on those pesky squirrels. Here I am patrolling the yard. No squirrels are stealing peaches on my watch…

DBN14_tail   We have been having a big heatwave here in Los Angeles and I got a Ruffwear swamp cooler vest so I can still play bumpers without overheating. We still have to play early in the morning or late in the evening to beat the really bad heat.DBN14_bumper

I love getting bumpers!

evening bumpers

 This is how hot it was here…this bottle melted in the car. Please remember never to leave your pup in the car, even for a minute in the summer. We don’t want any melted pups!


I made a video of getting bumpers for you, I hope you like it!! – xoxo Sunny puppy


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    • Thanks Monty & Harlow! We are still trying to figure ot how to get the camera to stay on Sunny without slipping around:)

  1. look at those flying ears! love it!
    glad to know you have recovered well, Sunny.

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