Sunny: 1 Year Old!

Guess what? I turned 1 year old on July 7th…whoo hoo! My mom says I look like a big dog now but I still act like a puppy:) Let me tell you about my birthday party, it was so much fun!! Ready? Let’s go!!!

DBN14_1yrold Sunny

I got up REALLY early so I could patrol the yard for marauding squirrels and the sneaky cat who pops in our yard. My peeps have abother name for that cat but I’m not allowed to say that word!

DBN14_curious pup

Once the perimeter was secured, we loaded up the car and drove out to Prado training grounds so I could “Go Fetch!!” all day. It was pawsome!!!

My dad and I checking out the lines for me to run…


 Then I got to “Go Fetch!” I got bumpers on land…


On land and back through the pond…


And my favorite, IN  THE POND!!!


I LOVE the pond!!! It feels so good to go swimming when it’s hot out too. My peeps said I was a “Lean, not very clean (the pond mud is stinky), retrieving machine!”


When we got home I got to pick my very own Menchie’s frozen yogurt…I picked vanilla. (They were both vanilla: Michelle:)


It was delicious!!! My peeps had to give me a “break” a couple of times so I didn’t get a brain freeze. I had so much fun on my birthday, I hpe you had fun reading about it too!- xoxo Sunny



14 thoughts

  1. I thought woo Goldens were furever silly like that!

    Happy Sunny Plus A Few!


  2. Such fun is ONE! And the fun has just begun! Every day, you’re up with the sun, and it’s play-play-play ’til the day is done.
    Happy b’day Sunny, and many, many, many more!
    ~Rex and the peeps

  3. Happy Birthday, Sunny! I think you had the perfect GOLDEN day!

    (I also oohed and aahed over your tail in the 2nd picture – so very fluffy!)

    Monty and Harlow

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