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    • Thanks Monty and Harlow! Mom says it’s a good thing I’m cute because I’m trouble with a capital T:)-xoxo Sunny

  1. Hi
    I am not sure if you guys will remember me, but I am Amy’s (http://balashankar.wordpress.com/) mom, Amy was a friend of Spencer from a few years back. Anyways I just wanted to leave you a note that though Spencer and Amy are not here with us anymore, the other day I was thinking of Spencer and how he liked to hold 3 tennis balls in his mouth at the same time and it made me smile. I thought you might like to know that he still makes people who haven’t even met him in person smile after all these years, thinking of him. Hope things are going well for you all.

    • Hi Bala,
      I do remember yo and Amy. I’m very sorry to hear of her passing. I’m so glad Spencer still spreads smiles…he was an extraordinary dog and holds a special place in my heart. Best, M.

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