In loving memory of Kona
April 8, 2003- September 3, 2011

This blog is a tribute to our rescued Golden Retriever, Kona, who was our 17th foster dog, became our second foster failure and our third heart dog. Kona was a dog in need who bloomed into an amazing being once he found love. Sadly, we suddenly lost Kona, far too soon, to cancer . Although we only had 2 years with him, Kona left a deep imprint on our hearts. This is my blog about adventures with Goldens and fostering through my love of photography. Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. I drove the girls the last 3 hours to Homeward Bound yesterday and fell in love with them. They were so sweet and loving. I got kisses all the way there.

  2. My two girls arrived at the foster yesterday….Sydney and Bella. Thanks so much for taking them, and for Barry getting them there safely. I haven’t stopped worrying about them, hoping that they were being treated well…the pictures on your website has rested my concerns. I can only hope that they bring someone as much joy as they brought me and my family. They are the most beautiful dogs, and the next family will certainly love them as much as we have. Thank you so much.

  3. Oh my gosh, your site brought every emotion alive to me. You are a joy for me to read your blogs – Goldens Furever …. I must say!
    We have 6 beautiful Goldens and have been through the pain of losing six Goldens to Rainbow Bridge. Missing them so but loving the ones we have now.
    Thank you for the blessed work you do and if some day we meet this will be wonderful!
    Golden hugs, Lynn, Punky, Dutch, Orrin, Tell, Carly and Gracee

  4. Thank you for those posts and pictures. I do personally know know some of these dogs and grateful YOU are there!

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