Our Dog Family



Raja was our first Golden Retriever. We had him from the time he was 6 weeks old. He was our first heart dog, one who leaves a lasting imprint on your life. I have finished writing a book about Raja’s battle with cancer and how he changed our lives.



Cain was our first foster dog for rescue. At 6 years old, he had lived a hard life but still had that Golden spirit. Cain was adopted after spending a month with us.



Spencer was our second foster…the one who made us “foster failures”. We fell in love with him the moment we met him and he became our next heart dog. Spencer brought joy to everyone who met him and helped many through difficult times as a hospital therapy dog. Although we only had the privilege of having him in our lives for 2 years and 5 months, Spencer left a lasting impression on our hearts.



Jessie was our first foster puppy. Only 4 months old, she was full of beans and lots of fun. She spent a month with us and was adopted into a loving family.



Sunny was a 10 week old puppy that was an owner turn in… another victim of Golden cuteness but people not realizing these are very energetic dogs. Sunny had a big personality and an impish grin. She was with us for a little over a week with Jessie and the 2 of them tore around the yard like crazy dogs. It was like witnessing a tornado first hand. Sunny was adopted by a rescue worker and is living the good life in Northern Cali.



Chloe was a 3 year old sprung from a shelter. She only spent a few days with us and was adopted to an active family.





Ben, along with his brother Jerry were ditched at a shelter by a bad breeder at the age of 4 weeks. They both suffered from a ton of health issues, the worst of which was to be distemper. Sadly, it would take their lives 4 weeks later. Ben & Jerry adored Spencer and devotedly followed him around. These little guys touched our hearts and served as an example of why all puppies must be vaccinated.



We took a break from fostering, after Ben & Jerry, to focus all our attention on Spencer. Although he was gracious enough to share his home, we felt he deserved all the attention we could give him in what would turn out to be the last year if his life. After Spencer passed away suddenly from cancer, we returned to fostering. Buford was our first foster dog, he marked our return to fostering. He only spent the night and a full day with us, in which we drove him up to Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Sanctuary in Northern California. Happily, Buford was adopted to a family who had come to the sanctuary to adopt another Golden and ended up adopting Buford as well.



Our next foster was Bella, a 7 year old Golden who had been bred all her life by a breeder and then abandoned when she was too old to breed and it was discovered she had mass cell cancer. Bella found a wonderful home after only staying over a week with us.



We temporarily fostered Ben (aka Sonny) while his regular foster family went on vacation. Ben is a really sweet dog with a lot of complications after he was hit by a car. He has a sunny disposition in the face of all the obstacles he has been through and he stole the hearts of his regular foster family who adopted him after taking care of him for 4 months.



Brinkley was another temporary foster, who lost his home to the economic depression. At 8 years old he has the energy of a much younger dog and a loving personality. Brinkley was adopted and is living happily in Glendale.



Candy had an amazing tale when she came to us. Found at the side of a road in Taiwan, she lived for a year in a rescue there. They then arranged for Candy to be flown to America and through Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue, fostered with us. Candy lived with us for a week and quickly found her forever home in the mountains outside of Los Angeles with her new family. Candy was an amazing girl and adapted very quickly to life in the US.



Sky came to stay with us while we were still fostering Candy. It was a good thing too because he was so very depressed when the only family he ever knew gave him up. Candy helped to make Sky happy and he returned the favor to our next foster dog, Jake. After a week with us, this big red boy found his forever family to give him the love he’s been missing.



Jake (aka The Red Rocket) bounded into our lives when his owners gave him back to his breeder, who then sent him to rescue. He has the big personality that the reds typically do and boundless energy. We spent many hours running and playing with him and taught him some new tricks too. Jake spent 2 weeks with us and then found an energetic family of his own.

DSC_0751 - Version 2


Two year old Titus came into our foster care when his owners refused to pick him up after he was turned into a desert shelter. He had been hit by a car but walked away with no broken bones and a few scrapes. He was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease and will require medication to live out a full life. Despite a rough start in life, Titus has a very sunny disposition. He looks like a big teddy bear and is cuddly like one too. After 2 months, Titus was adopted and is adored by his new family and fur-brother.


Lucky Luke

Luke wasn’t so lucky when he lost his family, though no fault of his own. Even though he is ten years old, Luke has the energy of a much younger dog and loves to play. Luke was only with us a few days before hitching a transport ride up to Homeward Bound, where his luck turned around and he found his forever home.

kona  336


We were not even supposed to foster Kona. He was in the car when Luke was dropped off at our house but there was something special about him. The moment I saw him, in the crate in the back of the car, I fell in love with Kona. We offered to foster him and couldn’t let him go so we adopted him. His past was not he greatest and we showered him with love so Kona could build his confidence and be the beautiful Golden he was meant to be. Following in Spencer’s pawprints, Kona and I also volunteered as a pet therapy team at local hospitals and hospices. Sadly, we lost Kona to nerve sheath cancer after only 2 years. Kona was our third heart dog and we miss him dearly.

kennedy  078


This fluffy (well, er, uh, plump) lady arrived at our house fresh from a local shelter. Though she had been neglected, (her hair was like straw and missing in places, there were pressure sores and she had thyroid problems) Kennedy had an unbelievable good nature. The shelter put her at 6 years but we would guess 3 or 4 was more likely. Kennedy loves to play and snuggle and with her big personality, quickly found her forever home in Los Angeles.


Niko is a 3 month old puppy who stayed with us a few days before moving on to Homeward Bound, where he was promptly adopted. A charming young guy with razor sharp puppy teeth and boundless energy, Niko was a lot of fun while he was here.

Three 9-week-old puppies

These boisterous pups stayed overnight with us after being found wandering on their own in a ravine. The next day they were on their way up to Homeward Bound where they promptly found their forever homes.


Ciara, 3 month old puppy/tornado, showed up at our door malnourished with guardia and a nasty eye infection. During the week she stayed with us, before moving on to Homeward Bound, we tried to fatten up and nurse back to health this naughty little lady. Ciara was adopted in no time and brings lots of mischievous smiles to her new family.

Miss B

Miss B stayed 24 hours with us while waiting to hitch a ride up to Homeward Bound. This energetic 1 year old was a fun guest and always up for a good game of retrieve the tennis ball. Her good looks and fun personality will see she finds her forever home in short order.


Lou was found wandering in the desert and came to stay with us to live out his remaining days. Suffering from a cancer, far beyond treatment, we spoiled him with as much love as we could. He was a sweet dog with a sunny disposition despite his tragic condition.(Definitely one of the worst we have encountered) His favorite pass times were roaching in the grass and getting belly rubs. Lou was a prime example of why people should consider the cost of having a dog. Had he gotten proper medical treatment early on, he would not have to have endured the pain and suffering he did on top of the fact that he was abandoned when he needed his family the most. RIP Lou. We were happy to have been able to give you the love you needed in your final days.


Larry, a flat-coat retriever, was rescued just hours from his impending death at a shelter. It’s a good thing too because Larry is an amazing, loving dog and one of the easiest fosters we have ever had. After spending  a wonderful 2 weeks with us, Larry left a lasting impression on our hearts when he left us to go to Homeward Bound and on to his new forever home.

Bella & Sidney

Bella & Sidney stayed with us for a few days until they got a transport up to Homeward Bound, where Sidney had double knee surgery. A 5 year old bonded pair of sisters, they are absolutely the biggest cuddlers and a joy to have around. After Sidney recovered from her surgery, Bella & Sidney  were adopted.! Their new family will be getting a double dose of Golden joy!


Kobe made the journey all the way from the streets of Taiwan to Los Angeles, to find his forever home. His  his sweet personality  (and distinctive tongue! ) gave Kobe an extra special place in our hearts. Suffering from agoraphobia, Kobe prefers to spend his time velcroed to his people than in the great outdoors. After spending almost 3 months with us, Kobe found the perfect place to call home, where they will be blessed with Kobe’s charms everyday.

Sunny eyesSunny

After taking a year off from fostering and two years after losing Kona to cancer, we once again find ourselves in the company of dogs. Through a series of fortunate events, we became the guardians of a 10 week old Golden Retriever pup: Sunny. He is an outgoing, smart, little (but soon to be big) boy and we’re looking forward to years of adventure with him. Stay tuned…